Here Are Some Tips for Removing Bird Droppings from the Body of a Car

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Many car enthusiasts try to keep their cars clean both inside and outside. Who does not like the looks of a washed car? However, after washing a car, your mood might be spoiled by birds whose droppings can diminish all your efforts. Unfortunately, getting rid of bird droppings from the body and the windows of a car is not as easy as it seems. In addition, when cleaning, there is a risk of damaging the paintwork of a car, which is something you would not want to happen especially if you buy here dodge challenger and want it to be excellently new.

What you should do when dealing with bird droppings

The most important advice that we want to give to all motorists is not to allow bird droppings to sit on the surface of a car for a long time. It is advisable to remove them as soon as possible. The fact is that bird droppings contain uric acid, which is able to corrode the paint of a car, which, as you know, is fraught with expensive repair of the paintwork.

If the bird droppings on the body of a car are fresh, then you can simply remove the contamination with some regular mineral carbonated water and some rags (towels, napkins, etc.) having microfibers on them. Thanks to the carbonated water, a process of carbonization takes place, whereby the chemical substances of the birds droppings on the surface of a body disintegrate.

Do not use a paper towel, paper napkins or an old bath towel, as they do not collect dirt and can not only leave fibers on the surface of a body, but they can also scratch the paintwork of a vehicle.

In addition, you can buy special wipes designed for the removal of bird droppings, which are sold at auto shops and at big supermarkets. Although we did not personally test them yet, the feedback from customers on the web is quite positive.

However, all these tips are relevant only if bird droppings landed on your car recently and they have not dried up yet.

In this case, you had better buy a special cleaner that can let you cope with bird droppings, which you can do online if you visit kijiji to find classifieds for free. It is best to purchase a universal body cleaner that easily removes many kinds of contaminants including bird droppings.

In order to clean the body of a vehicle from bird droppings, you want to apply the cleaner to a cloth made of microfiber and place the cloth on the contamination spot for at least 10 minutes, first applying a small amount of the product to the droppings themselves. Then, you ought to wait until the cleaner disintegrates the chemicals in the dried bird droppings and then remove the contamination. It is that simple!